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Rain in Dubai

Despite its intensity, rainfall in Dubai is usually welcomed by its residents – a pleasant change from the usual heat in the emirate. Besides that, it’s normally not an issue, unless it comes with a thunderstorm. Nature can sometimes be an intimidating force of destruction, but there is nothing to worry about it as long as you stay smart and vigilant. And while the authorities are out there ensuring everything proceeds as normal, here’s how you can deal with rain in Dubai.



» When heavy rains and thunderstorms hit Dubai, it is ideal to stay at home. Let’s look at how to efficiently deal with rain and its side-effects in Dubai from the comfort of your home. 

» Follow weather updates, so that you remain informed about the changing weather conditions at all times, even when you don’t plan to go out. 

» Don’t leave the house unless there is no other option.

» Keep the kids inside in case of thunderstorms. It will keep them safe from any lightning strikes.

» Thunderstorms in Dubai are accompanied by strong winds that can be destructive. The same winds can damage glass windows, potentially injuring anyone standing too close. So, keep a safe distance away from them.



When you’re out on the roads and it’s raining in Dubai, here’s what you should do for road safety:

» Keep a lookout for possible changes in the weather. Tune in to the radio for regular weather forecasts.

» If there are any sudden changes expected in the weather, it’s best to act accordingly. Try to make it back home or find a shelter nearby.

» Drive slowly. Do not over speed and try not to overtake other vehicles on the road. Over speeding may result in complete loss of control over the car.

» Maintain a safe distance. Don’t drive too close to other cars and apply brakes earlier than usual. Do it with less force to avoid skidding.

» Rain in Dubai can sometimes deteriorate visibility, so keep the headlights turned on. Avoid using fog lights.

» Avoid going to low-lying areas that are prone to flooding in case of heavy rainfall. Areas known to have water-logging issues include Mirdif, Discovery Gardens and Al Quoz.

» Use the car wipers in the front and the rear. Let them work through the downpour for clearer vision.

» Another safety tip for rains in Dubai is to avoid unnecessary use of hazard lights and flashing indicators unless it is for emergency warnings.

» Although rare, if water levels from the rain in Dubai are too high to drive, find a safe spot and park your vehicle.

» Don’t attempt to walk through the water if it’s more than 6 inches deep. Stay put and call for help. You can call the Dubai Police at 999. In case of other crises, use the relevant emergency numbers in Dubai for assistance.