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Corporate Leasing

Car lease Starts from 1349 AED
Car rental Starts from 85 AED
Car lease Starts from 1349 AED
Car rental Starts from 85 AED

Why Corporate Car Leasing?


🔴 Flexibility and total control

🔴 No hassle of maintenance and fleet administration

🔴 Single monthly payment to cover all related costs

🔴 VAT can be reclaimed

🔴 ‘Off balance sheet’ financing: Allows capital to be freed up from non-income earning assets.

🔴 Improved balance sheet ratios (ROE)

🔴 Fleet costs move from variable to fixed: Ease of budgeting and forecasting.

🔴 Matches finance expenses to asset economic life and usage

🔴 Cost effectiveness and control of operating costs


Who can go for leasing


Any business which needs mobility for their commercial operations, but do not want to deal with the hassle of owning and maintaining assets. Leasing provides the freedom for businesses to focus on their core value proposition, and operate with more convenience.

Just let us know your preferred vehicle, be it an SUV, Sedan, Hatchback, or luxury car rental, lease duration, monthly budget, and any other add-ons (child safety seats, GPS trackers, mobile WIFI, etc) and we’ll make sure to help you find the best car rental offers and deals in the UAE. Call 800 10888 or +971 56 680 1916 to make a booking today!

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