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Winter driving tips dubai

Winters in the UAE often mean foggy mornings, sudden sandstorms and burst of rain(and  occasionally hail). With all three, visibility drops on the roads and leads to an increased number  of accidents. With the chilly season around the corner it’s a good idea to check the conditions of  your brakes, tires and especially headlights of your vehicle. In addition to that, to ensure a safe  driving experience you should always take certain precautions:

Some Driving Tips for Fog

– Stay on the right side of your lane so you are clear from vehicles coming from the opposite direction.

– Slow down your speed and keep a safe distance between you and the car in front of you.

– If you have to stop your car for any reason, park it on the side of the road away from passing cars and make sure your hazard light is turned on.

– Do not drive in the fog with your high beam lights as it reduces the visibility, instead drive with your fog lights on.

– Always signal when switching lanes or turning to warn the vehicles coming from behind.  – Periodically check to see if you’re staying in your lane, there’s a tendency to drift when visibility is low.

Some Driving Tips for Rainy Weather

– The roads will be wet and slippery and it’ll take your car longer to stop once you brake.  The factor that in when driving and keep a safe distance from other cars

– Look out for debris, fallen palm fronds, or other obstacles on the road

– Make sure your windshield wipers are working properly before leaving your home – Use your A/C to avoid fogging up the windshield

– Slow down your speed so you can stop easily if needed and also to avoid slipping on the  wet roads.

– Switch on your fog lights when driving & signal whenever necessary

Some Driving Tips for Sandstorms

– Make sure your headlights are working properly before leaving the house  – Reduce your speed while switching lanes when driving in dusty weather.  – If the weather gets dusty as you’re driving close your windows immediately and turn on the AC.

Also good to keep in mind…

Make sure you’re not using your hazard lights while driving, this gives the driver behind you the wrong indication. They are perfectly fine to use when you’ve stopped. Secondly, stay away from areas that are usually more affected by bad weather like elevated areas or near the sea. Try to leave earlier and try to avoid driving in subpar conditions at all if possible.

Stay safe out there!!